Sweet tea drinker, living room dancer, crime show enthusiast.

Momma, don't worry. I've got you covered.
Small attention spans? Cranky teens? 
Uncooperative dads? I promise fun, laughter and great photos.

No matter what I am faced with.

Let's capture some memories, okay?


From newborn to first year to ballet or football portraits, I'm your girl. I've worked with littles since high school. It is my favorite moment to watch babies smile, toddlers laugh and kids talk about their favorite things with confidence.


I still look back at my high school portraits and remember how my photographer made me feel confident and excited. My goal as a senior photographer is to pull our your personality and display it in your photos. You will be encouraged to bring anything that makes you who you are and we will just play and have a lot of fun.


Families are so important to me. Memories are made when you choose me as your family photographer. I'm known for suggesting piggy back rides and embarrassing myself.

Foster families, reach out to me for special pricing to remember the times you are never sure will last long enough.

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